Our Values and Culture

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Since Premier Group was founded 16 years ago, it has grown 100% organically resulting in a team of just under 80 consultants across 4 UK offices. Our values remain strong within the company, they are:

Support – To listen, advise and develop.  This applies across all areas from clients and candidates to our own staff.

Inspire – To go above and beyond the norm.  To set a benchmark in the industry that will inspire others.

Deliver – To keep to promises and deliver on results both internally and externally within the business.

Fun – It’s no shock that recruitment is a hard working industry, so we want to have fun when we are doing it!

Our Culture

Premier Group is built on a winning formula that ensures people achieve results that they didn’t believe they could.  We strive to be the best at every aspect of our day to day roles and are constantly looking for new ways to evolve as the industry and market grows.

Our people make our business what it is, so we reward those who achieve success, boy do we reward them!

For more information on becoming a part of the Premier Team please visit “Working For Us”

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