Premier Talks: Digital Monetisation


In association with General Assembly, we hosted our very first tech event surrounding the popular topic of digital monetisation. With a line up of five fantastic speakers from different industries, around 100 people attending, and wine, beer and pizza for all, it was sure to be a successful evening!

Our first speaker Gavin from FAT Unicorn discussed digital invention and talked about the interactive experiences they have created for the many brands they work with. Following Gavin was Kent from SmartTrade App chatting about the very new and niche mobile payment solution SmartTrade have brought to the market. Next up, Ezechi from Neyber spoke to the audience about how to be socially responsible and still make money.

Fourth to take the stage was Klaas from Azoomee talking about their creative app for kids and how they have been successful in crowdfunding for the business. Our final speaker Helena from Time Inc took to the floor to discuss innovative ways of monetising in digital including ‘bringing the digital to the physical!’

Lots of networking between speakers and guests took place after, with everyone sharing ideas and innovations of how technology is helping them to create new revenue streams for their businesses!

After a very successful event, we cannot wait to host our next one around the topic of UX!


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