Premier Talks: UX & Blurred Lines in Technology and Design

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The rise of the smart-phone has revolutionised the information age; now sitting neatly in our hands’ is a gateway for businesses across the globe to infiltrate our wallets, to inform our decisions and instigate behaviours.

During our last talk, we explored the revolution of information architecture to the complex and hard to define process that is designing for User Experience; now everyone from Google to Start-ups has a different view on how best to approach this puzzle and on the 20th April, we will hear how four leading minds have altered the processes of global businesses to maximise the performance of their platforms in the mobile and digital product spaces.

We are blessed with the presence of four very disparate talents from four very different backgrounds, from the flourishing podcast platform audioBoom we have UX Director Ben Brignell, an automotive agency-side specialist in the shape of Helen Wood UX Director at Spark44. Talking us through the difference between mobile-first and App design we have UX Director or the HR software giant ADP’s Matt Silcock and walking us through a cutting edge “lazy design” process we have Arvid Brobeck.

If you would like to join us for what’s set to be a fantastic evening, you can register for your free tickets here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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