Interview Process

Paul W

It is equally important that Premier is the right fit for you as much as you are right for Premier. For that reason we have in place an interview process that not only helps us to find the most career driven candidates on the market but also gives you a real feel for the role and what it is like to run your own desk and be a Recruitment Consultant at Premier.

Stage 1 – Face to face interview with our head of internal recruitment followed by an interview with a manager.

Stage 2 – A short presentation about you to a manager and or a director

Stage 3 – Try the job on for size – We will sit you in the thick of it with our teams and get you on the phones to find some great candidates! Find out what it is like to be out on the sales floor and what the role is like on a day to day basis.

Final Stage – After all the hard work we will take you for a drink with the team! Meet your potential future colleagues.

We don’t like to hang about and keep great candidates waiting so we will move quickly to get through all the interview stages within a few days.

This is your chance to shine, stand out from the competition and sell yourself.

How to Apply

We don’t like to over complicate the procedure so we have kept it simple. Simply fill in the form on the right hand side of this page and our internal recruiter will be in touch shortly.